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Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry has announced that major plans are on stream to remedy traffic congestion in the Kingston Metropolitan Area.
This was disclosed by the Minister during the recent opening of the Half Way Tree Transportation Centre.He informed that a recent traffic study indicated that it takes eight times more than is normally expected to travel in some of the main corridors during peak hour traffic, causing a host of negative implications for the economy and Jamaica’s productivity.
“I need not tell you the negatives for productivity from that situation plus the waste of fuel, which are both putting a break on the national economy and undue impact on the environment,” Mr. Henry said.
The Minister said solutions to the traffic congestion include major expansion and upgrading works such as the widening of Marcus Garvey Drive and sections of Spanish Town Road.
“Marcus Garvey Drive is to become a six lane thoroughfare. When this vision comes to light, it will eventually take you to a comfortable point of contact around downtown Kingston, Michael Manley Boulevard in New Kingston, and around the planned business district of downtown Kingston,” Mr. Henry said.
He also pointed out that ongoing traffic surveys are taking place in major traffic corridors around the Corporate Area, including Red Hills Road, Hagley Park Road, Molynes Road, and Constant Spring Road.
He said the surveys will be used to determine the extent of lane capacity and the improvements that should be made to critical intersections this year.
In addition Mr. Henry is proposing to give public passenger vehicles greater priority on the roads in order to reduce time spent in traffic and increase reliability. This he said will be achieved through the provision of additional dedicated lanes in selected areas of the city.

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