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The Government is proposing to make the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) a first world public bus service, as part of measures to increase the efficiency of the public transportation system.
Minister of Transport and Works Michael Henry, who made this disclosure during the recent opening of the new Half Way Tree Transport Centre, explained that this will involve additional investment in the service by acquiring more units for the JUTC. He added that more integrated and efficient input is also needed from legitimate players in the public transport sector.
“So we are moving on improving the capacity of movement of people across the country and indeed we have to do that against the backdrop of the whole structure inherited, some of which has not been dealt with in reality of the needs,” Mr. Henry said.
“Therefore I intend to address the needs of the robot taxis; make them more legitimate in terms of where they run and review the JUTC routes in respect of where it (provides) service, in order to achieve a more disciplined approach to the transport sector,” he added.
In addition Mr. Henry said the Ministry is progressing with plans for the reintroduction of the railway service. He further noted that Cabinet is looking to introduce a broad-based package of traffic control measures in several rural towns. He says this will involve an aggressive access management programme that includes technical measures to manage congestion along main roads.
“That includes not just good road networks but also rural integrated land use and transportation building. I intend to make sure we look at ramp roads, overhead bridges and underpasses, and doing so before we run out of land space,” Mr. Henry added.

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