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Approximately 500 children from 15 early childhood institutions in Westmoreland will benefit from free oral health care services at a clinic slated for the Whitehouse Early Childhood Institute in the parish on January 23.
The initiative is part of a project being undertaken by Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa, and the Westmoreland Health Authority, and is aimed at promoting preventative measures to break the cycle of poor dental health among pre-schoolers, and the elderly.
According to Assistant Public Relations Manager at the Sandals Whitehouse Hotel, Keith Wedderburn, children and the elderly are most vulnerable to the effects of poor oral health.
“With adequate health care being so expensive, what we realize is that a proactive approach was the best and most necessary method that we can take at this moment. We have therefore designed a programme that we hope will adequately address this challenge,” he told JIS News.
He explained that “these children and elderly persons will benefit from an education component, which will seek to teach them about better care for their teeth, how to brush, how often to change the tooth brush and the types of food that will enhance tooth growth and gum development.”
Mr. Wedderburn informed that the project has received support and sponsorship from community persons, guests of the hotel and the Ministry of Health and Environment, through which the dental health personnel have been sourced.
Some 120 early childhood students in Westmoreland have so far benefited under the project, which began in November 2007.
It is hoped that the programme will reach all children and elderly persons in the parish over the next five years.

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