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Equipment valued at approximately $600,000 has been presented to the Portland Infirmary by Cari-Med Limited, as part of its outreach programme.
Items handed over on Wednesday (December 16) included medical supplies, personal care items, nutritional and household supplies, clothing, bath benches and a computer printer.
The presentation was the second such gesture made to the infirmary by Cari-Med with the first having been made in December of last year. The donation was also in keeping with the close relationship which has existed between both institutions over the past year.
In handing over the gifts, Apotex Agency Manager at Cari-Med Limited Michelle Powell, said her organisation was pleased to assist the infirmary.
She said the initiative to lend a helping hand to the institution came out of the company’s core values, which reflect its commitment to the development of its staff and the wider community.
Noting that Cari-Med began working closely with the infirmary approximately a year ago, she said the company is fully committed to co-operating with the staff of the institution to make a difference for residents by brining back joy, love and hope into their lives.
Declaring that the infirmary has been formally adopted by the Hospital Supplies, Medical Equipment and Disposable Division of Cari-Med Limited, Miss Powell said the festive season was selected for the presentation, as it enabled representatives of the company to give words of comfort and bring joy to the residents, in observance of Cari-Meds motto “service is our goal”, and in keeping with the traditions of the season.
Responding to the presentation, Matron of the Portland Infirmary, Sharon Burke, thanked Cari-Med Limited for the gesture, and exhorted other organisations to emulate the example it has set by assisting the infirmary.
She said she will be spearheading an effort, early in the New Year, to establish a “Friends of the Portland Infirmary” organisation to garner support and assistance for the facility.

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