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The National Works Agency (NWA) is reporting that blockages to roadways in eastern parishes of St. Mary and St. Ann have been cleared.
These roadways and drains were blocked by landslips, wash-down silt, debris, fallen rocks and trees, caused by heavy rainfall that affected these parishes over the past 72 hours. In St. Mary, all main roads that were affected can now be traversed. Meanwhile, the NWA has dispatched contractors to Derry Road, in the district of ‘Bruk-way’ in western St. Mary, as well as roadways in the community of Days Mountain, to carry out temporary restoration.
The NWA Team is touring with the Member of Parliament for western St. Mary, Hon. Robert Montague, to assess road damage and prepare estimates for repairs. The Junction Road is clear and a driving surface has been established along the Rosend main road, which was extensively scoured.
In western Portland, blockages at Black Hill, Hope Bay and Orange Bay have also been cleared, while the roadway at Cascade is open to single lane access and the contractor is working to restore full access. In eastern Portland contractors are working to clear blockages at San San, Dolphin Bay, Breastworks, Fellowship, Seaman’s Valley and Mill Bank.
In St. Ann all the affected roadways have been cleared. Meanwhile in St. Catherine, restoration is still in progress along a heavily scoured section of the Bog Walk Gorge, in the vicinity of the Sligoville turn-off. Traffic is restricted to single lane and motorists should approach this area with caution and obey the instructions of flag persons.
The NWA is advising motorists to drive with caution as some corridors are still slippery.

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