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The National Works Agency (NWA) is assuring the public that every effort had been made to make the thoroughfare through the Bog Walk Gorge safe for driving, and there is no need for alarm. This is to quell safety concerns expressed by motorists, while traversing the gorge.
Acknowledging that the Bog Walk Gorge endured a “battering” during the passage of hurricane Ivan, Vando Palmer, Communications and Customer Relations Manager at the NWA, outlined that his agency moved swiftly to repair the areas that were damaged to allow traffic to pass freely.
“It is not a smooth ride, but it is a safer ride than going through Barry, where we have a difficulty at an area near to the Wakefield turn-off, where there is a spring and the water level rises and falls at its own fancy,” he pointed out.
The decision to allow traffic to go through the Gorge rather than to have Barry as the only alternative route was necessary, as the Sligoville main road is closed for urgent repairs, added Mr. Palmer.
Ensuring access to the road was the NWA’s primary concern, he said. The next step would be to develop a long-term design for the main road that could endure the effects of natural disasters, such as floods and hurricanes, with minimal damage.
“We will now go and look at what is necessary for the reconstruction work in the gorge. There are some areas where we had breakaways; and we have to look at a design that can, in the future, stand up to the kinds of conditions that took place in the passage of Hurricane Ivan, so it’s not going to be a quick fix,” Mr. Palmer told JIS News.

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