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Much progress has been made to clear roads in Westmoreland, which were affected by Hurricane Ivan, almost two weeks ago. More than 80 per cent of the 90 affected roadways have been cleared to accommodate vehicular traffic.
Superintendent of Roads and Works at the Westmoreland Parish Council, Albert Stewart, told JIS News that the St. Paul’s Road from Negril Spot to White Hall, Old Hope to Revival, Peggy Barry that links Glasgow to Hanover, Kilmarnock to Maranger, Lower Darliston to Orange Hill and Jacks Gate to New Market roads were still impassable.
“A number of our roads in Westmoreland, especially roads in the southern section of the parish were severely damaged during the hurricane, with some suffering structural surface damage, some covered with stones and soil from land slippages, while others were submerged in large bodies of water,” he pointed out.
“The Westmoreland Parish Council is now carrying out remedial relief work to get most if not all our roadways back in condition for public travel as soon as possible,” Mr. Stewart added.
He also reported that some 50 per cent of the minor water supplies for the parish had been affected, with approximately 23 catchment and wayside tanks damaged by the hurricane.
“The parish council is responsible for minor water supply in the parish and right now attention is being given to rehabilitating these water sources by repairing the catchments, rebuilding security fences and repairing leaks and other defects. We are going to need at least $2.6 million to bring them back into full operation,” Mr. Stewart said.
“We are therefore appealing to citizens to be patient with the Council and seek to be health conscious and responsible in the use of available water, in order to avoid any outbreaks of water-borne diseases,” he stressed.
He told JIS News that a number of Parish Council buildings, such as the Savanna-la-Mar Infirmary, the administrative building, the Savanna-la-Mar market and several other markets across the parish suffered damage to their roofs, estimated at some $15 million.
Mr. Stewart said the Council was in the process of sourcing funds in order to assist in the full reinstatement of essential services to the parish in the shortest possible time.

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