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The National Works Agency (NWA) has begun work on the Yallahs Fording, in an effort to restore clear access to and from St. Thomas via this route, later this week.
Vando Palmer, Communications and Customer Relations Manager at the NWA said that the agency, in collaboration with Bouygues Travaux Publics and Pre-Mix Company, began reconstructing the Yallahs Fording on Sunday, September 19.
“We are trying to create a temporary ford there, to allow for especially the trucks that are taking construction material from St. Thomas to elsewhere to be able to go through. As it is now, they are not able to use the alternative route, which is the Easington Bridge, because of the weight restrictions,” Mr. Palmer disclosed.
“Work is continuing in earnest, and we expect that we should be able to get trucks to be able to go across the ford some time on Thursday, weather permitting,” he said.
Meanwhile, work is continuing on the Sligoville main road in St. Catherine.
“The road is already closed and the contractor started working there on a major landslip yesterday. He has four months within which to complete the job and we will be monitoring it very closely so that it is done to specifications and within the time-frame that has been established,” Mr. Palmer told JIS News.

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