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The 2006 Labour Day theme, ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’ was evident at a number of projects visited by the JIS News team in western Jamaica today (May 23).
Some 94 registered projects and an equal amount of unregistered ones are ongoing in that end of the island, which includes the parishes of St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland.
Work on the St. James Parish project, which is the beautification of the historic Sam Sharpe Square began prior to Labour Day and as such, is scheduled for completion today.
Secretary/Manager of the St. James Parish Council, Ian Reid, expressed pleasure at the progress of the work, and the amount of volunteers who turned up to participate.
“We started last night, and we did quite a bit of work in terms of cleaning the drains, we are basically on target for some of the other things that we had set out to do. The pump (for the fountain) we might have a little difficulty there, but I hope that we will be able to get it functional, even if it’s not today, but by the ending of the week we should be able to get it functional,” he said.
He explained that work had been taking place throughout the day on all 32 registered projects in the parish, most of which were in keeping with the national theme.
With some 35 registered projects in the parish of Hanover, work on the parish project, which is the beautification of the Bustamante Square in Lucea, was in full swing throughout the day. The work includes the planting of trees along the North Coast Highway from Hopewell to Green Island.
Mayor of Lucea, Councillor Lester Crooks, along with councillors and personnel from the Hanover Parish Council could be seen leading the way at several of the projects in the parish.
Several community groups were also out in their numbers throughout the parish, carrying out projects in their respective communities.
Meanwhile, in Westmoreland, Mayor of Savanna-la-mar, Delford Morgan, told JIS News that work on the parish project, at Independence Park in Savanna-la-mar, had progressed satisfactorily.
“Some trees and flowers are being planted, the ground is being cleared, and some concrete seating and table are being put in,” he disclosed.
“We hope that the project will be ongoing but in terms of what we set out to do this Labour Day, we have accomplished that, and perhaps even exceeded our expectations in terms of the support we have from the private sector,” he stated.
Mayor Morgan pointed out that there were some 27 registered projects in that parish, and that cleaning up and beautification projects were taking place within all the major townships.

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