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Scores of Portmore residents today (May 23) participated in the beautification works in Gregory Park Square, which is the major Labour Day project for the municipality.
Mayor George Lee, who was on hand, said he was heartened by the support for the major project and other community works, which would be undertaken during the day.
He noted that the Gregory Park project was a very important one as the borough was one of the older communities in Portmore and over time, its beauty had been fading. “So we decided to make the upgrading of the Gregory Park Square the major project of the municipality,” he said.
The work undertaken included the clearing of the open area beside the old post office by the rail tracks, levelling the area, placing topsoil and planting flowering shrubs and grass.
Apart from today’s face lift, Mayor Lee mentioned other refurbishing works to be done in the area over time, and these include the painting of the school wall and the old bus stop, which would be transformed into an information centre “where young people can come and get information about jobs and various other things.”
Further along the road heading toward the Shell gas station, land will be cleared for a mini market. “We’ve going to set up a mini market, put in some sanitary facilities, charge a small fee and accommodate vendors in an organized way. We’re also going to put in a welcome sign so Gregory Park can have a different look, which should be pleasing to the residents and those who traverse the area,” Mayor Lee informed.
Councillor for the Gregory Park Division, Camille Buchanan, said she was pleased with the work being undertaken. “This is just the beginning of good things to come and I’m so very happy that it was chosen as the municipal project for this year’s Labour Day,” she said.
“Gregory Park plays a big part of the history of Portmore, being the first community developed, and I’m sure residents are going to feel better and treat the community differently,” she added.
Councillor Buchanan said that she would be following up on the work done today to ensure continuity. “This whole plan doesn’t stop here; it’s a continuation and this is just the beginning of a plan for the rehabilitation of the entire area,” she stated.
More than 150 projects were registered with the Portmore Municipal Council for Labour Day 2006 and in keeping with the theme: Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty, the projects included the clean-up and beautification of open spaces; painting of curb walls; sweeping, bushing and burning of debris; mending fences and planting flowers and trees.
More than 4,000 plants, whitewash and topsoil were allotted to projects from a distribution centre located beside the 100-Man Police Station.
The police station’s recreational area, bathrooms and the cell block is slated to be painted by a crew of more than 20 officers and civilians including representatives of the scout’s association in the area.

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