JIS News

The Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College Alumni, has commenced extensive modernisation of the Granville Health Centre in St. James, providing new state-of-the-art medical equipment, furniture, computers, medical supplies and other needed items, at a cost of US$1 million.
The project began during the past students’ annual Medical Mission and Reunion held last month, and is to be sustained for five years in the first phase of the initiative.
According to Central Executive Chairman of the Alumni, Leo Gilling, there was great need for specialised medical attention for the citizens of Granville and surrounding communities, with emphasis on children and the elderly.
“The promise that we as an association made recently to adopt and modernise the Granville Clinic in St. James, has materialised with most of the furniture and medical equipment shipped and were in place. The project has already started and as part of this mission, a container with the needed equipment has been pre-arranged for the start-up of this vital project,” Mr. Gilling told JIS News.
He informed that over the five years, an estimated 25,000 citizens from across the communities will benefit directly from the expansion of the health centre.
“The past students of Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College had this dream of giving back to the Granville community and surrounding areas, because we have all benefitted tremendously from the college which nurtured and transformed us into the individuals we are today. We felt that this was our duty to return and assist our less fortunate brothers and sisters who cannot afford the necessary health care at this time. We truly feel proud that we have been able to do this for the Granville community,” Mr. Gilling said.