JIS News

Prime Minister Bruce Golding is to tour areas protected under the Negril Area Environmental Protection Trust (NEPT) and the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society (NCRPS), with a view to securing first hand information on some of the problems being experienced by the operators.
The tour will include visits to the Negril Royal Palm Reserve, a tranquil forest within the Negril Great Morass and the Negril Marine Park which is one of six parks declared a protected area because of its unique natural resources.
At a meeting with representatives of the NEPT and the NCRPS during his one-day visit to Montego Bay recently, Mr. Golding gave a commitment to meet with the parties and the Tourism Product Development Company-(TPDCO), to discuss the preservation and enhanced development of the various land and sea attractions managed by the two Negril entities. The NEPT through its Chairman, Kenrick Davis, has called on the government for support in identifying funding for the organizations through agencies such as the Tourism Enhancement Fund.
The NEPT serves the Negril environmental protection area by conserving and protecting the environment to achieve a better quality of life. The NCRPS manages the Negril Marine Park.