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Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan, and Sales Manager of International Business Machine (IBM) World Trade Corporation, Gordon Foote, on Wednesday (Aug. 13), signed a contract, valued at US$ 4.35 million, for the development of a secure internet portal for the Ministry.
Under the agreement, IBM will provide a technological platform to enhance communication between the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry of Justice, and the Department of Correctional Services, in an effort to enhance the monitoring and tracking of cases. IBM will undertake installation and maintenance of the internet portal over a three year period.
Speaking at the signing at the Ministry’s New Kingston offices, Senator MacMillan said the facility would serve to further enhance the Ministry’s work, by improving its Information Technology (IT) capabilities.
“The improvement of the Ministry’s Information Technology capabilities is of significant importance, because it is one of the driving forces behind the strategic objectives of the Ministry,” he said.
These objectives include: maintaining public order and reducing the rate, and fear, of crime; reducing violence and organised crime, combatting terrorism and countering threats to Jamaica’s sovereignty; increasing Jamaica’s contribution to regional and international security; and contributing towards building an effective criminal justice system. The Minister pointed out that Information Technology, particularly a secure internet portal, was important in achieving these objectives.
Senator MacMillan said the technology and expertise being provided by IBM, were consistent with the Ministry’s vision, and proposed course being charted to strengthen and modernise its framework.
The National Security Minister noted that IBM lists the “driving of strategic change,” as one of its core functions, adding that this was one of the Ministry’s main thrusts.
“It is within this context of global environment, (that) the Ministry grasps the fundamentals of the need for a system that collaborates globally,” he said.
Senator MacMillan informed that the Ministry was moving, to ensure that the resources available were used efficiently and effectively, by capable and accountable staff, and, as such, meet public expectations.
In endorsing the project, the Minister pointed out that as innovation expands throughout the organisation, and collaboration for innovation becomes increasingly necessary, the importance of the agreement would become apparent, and would, without a doubt be, “for the betterment of the country,”.
In his remarks, Mr. Foote, said IBM was dedicated to the successful implementation of the project and looked forward to working with all of the stakeholders in achieving this.