JIS News

The Government has allocated another $586.4 million to continue work on 44 kilometres of roads in St. Mary and St. Ann under the Road Rehabilitation Project II.

The project, which was initiated in April 2017, entails repairing the 13.6-kilometre roadway from Toms River to Broadgate, and 14.8 kilometres between Broadgate and Agualta Vale in St. Mary, and the 15-kilometre Alexandria to Brown’s Town road in St. Ann.

About 38 per cent of the work between Broadgate and Agualta Vale, comprising the project’s initial package, was completed up to the end of December 2018.

Work on this segment is programmed for completion this year.

Another $367.6 million is earmarked in 2020/21 for activities in the other segments.

The project is being financed by the Government of Jamaica.