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  • Mr. Murray became Principal of the school in September 2011.
  • He developed several plans and policies relating to health and sanitation, nutrition, school improvement, disaster management, school assessment and reading.
  • Mr. Murray has also received support from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and business community.

As a young, vibrant and exceptionally dedicated educator, Anthony Murray, Principal of Lethe Primary School in St. James, has gained the respect of his colleagues and associates, as he advances the educational development of the children.

Mr. Murray became Principal of the school in September 2011, and immediately set about transforming the struggling institution, with the support of the entire staff and community.

He developed several plans and policies relating to health and sanitation, nutrition, school improvement, disaster management, school assessment and reading. He also implemented punctuality, assessment, disciplinary and students’ governance policies at the school.

Under his leadership, students’ performance in the Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy Tests and the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) improved significantly. At Grade 4, the school’s literacy moved from 32 per cent in 2011 to 58 per cent in 2012 and to 62 per cent in 2013.

For Numeracy, the school moved from a low of 17 per cent when he took over in 2011 to 51 per cent in 2012, and 55 per cent in 2013.

At Grade 3, some 68 per cent of his students are at the level of mastery.  Between Grades 4 and 6, where most of the students were at the non-mastery level in 2011, all but one student who has been cited for special intervention, are now at the level of mastery or near mastery. At the Grade 6 level, Mr. Murray has been instrumental in achieving improvement in every subject area since 2011.

The Principal has been commended for his rebuilding efforts at the institution, not only in the area of academics, but also in the physical structure, which has been considerably upgraded over the last three years.

He has successfully had the staff room reroofed, the entire school repainted, and a security fencing installed around the compound, thereby eliminating the danger to students posed by the Great River, which runs adjacent to the school.

Mr. Murray has also received support from the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and business community to have attractive and educational murals painted on the walls of the institution, and to purchase five computers for the school’s reading intervention programme.

Recently, the Principal established partnerships with the Rotary Club to equip the school with some 16 computers, and with the Universal Service Fund to construct a computer room.

He has also partnered with the Sandals International Group, which has provided material to the school to create individual classrooms; and with the PetroCaribe Fund to construct modern sanitation facilities for the students.

Mr. Murray was born in Kellits, Clarendon, and attended the Rhoden Hall Basic School, Staceyville All Age, Edwin Allen High and Clarendon College.

In his quest to impact and mould young lives, he enrolled at the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in Granville, St. James, where in 2004 he obtained a Diploma in Primary Education. While at Sam Sharpe, Mr. Murray served as Student Council President for 2 years and was a member of the College’s Board of Management.

To further his education, he pursued a Bachelor of Education degree at the International University of the Caribbean.

Mr. Murray joined the staff of the John Rollins Success Primary School in 2004 and was promoted to Senior Teacher shortly afterwards. He also served as Grade, Inventory, Maintenance and Graduation Committee Coordinator.

In 2008, this ambitious educator was seconded to the Ministry of Education as a Cluster Based Numeracy Specialist, where he worked assiduously to improve numeracy at the schools assigned to him.

Mr. Murray’s passion for quality education continued to grow and in 2010 he joined the staff of the Early Childhood Commission as the Development Officer responsible for Zones 22 and 23.

His strong commitment to community development is well documented. He is an executive member of the East Central St. James Education Committee, Chairman of the East Central Sports and Cultural Committee and Board Member of the Cornwall Holiness Community Centre Management Team.

In 2006 Mr. Murray was selected as the LASCO/Ministry of Education Teacher of the Year for Region 4 and awarded a Certificate of Excellence for outstanding contribution to education.  In November 2013, Mr. Murray gained the first runner up award in the LASCO/Ministry of Education Principal and Teacher of the Year Awards.

At a recent ceremony, the Minister of Education, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, presented Mr. Murray with the Jamaica Teaching Council/Ministry of Education and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Leadership in Education Award, for distinguished service to education in Jamaica.

Mr. Murray tells JIS News that he is humbled, elated and honoured to have been selected for the prestigious award.

“I want to thank the Jamaica Teaching Council for choosing me for this prestigious award.  In 2011 I took up the challenge when I accepted an offer from the Board of Management of the then Lethe All Age School to be Principal. Not long afterwards, the school started to experience a number of changes and started reaping numerous successes,” he says.

The Principal tells JIS News that the Lethe Primary School’s improvement plan, intended for completion in four years, have been completed in half the time.

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