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Young people are being urged to get involved in sports-related activities as a positive outlet for their energy.
The encouragement has come from President of the Longville Park Citizens Association, Baldvin McKenzie, at the launch of the Clarendon Division 1 Football Competition recently at the Longville Park Community Centre in Clarendon.
Mr. Baldvin lauded the football competition, noting that it would provide a means for the young people of the parish to showcase their talent and pursue excellence.
“The football competition allows young people to excel in many ways. It provides an avenue for people to show off their skills,” he stated.
He pointed out that a marked difference could be seen in the actions of the youth, who were participating in the football training sessions, and the positive impact was already being seen in other areas of their lives.
“I can tell you discipline is much better since the football training and coaching, and the impact is felt in the wider community. When young people don’t have anything to do, they find something to do, and sometimes we don’t like it. If we really do it right, we can improve on the standard of living of our young people by creating an avenue for young people to excel,” he emphasised.
Mr. Baldvin maintained that it was only through team work that together, “we would be able to build a better Jamaica, as no one man can do it.”
FX Trader is the major sponsor of the competition, which will see the participation of 30 Clarendon-based football clubs, including Abassian, Ebony Park, Longville Park, Treadlight, York Town and the Minho Sports Club.

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