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Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Management Institute for International Development (MIND), Mrs. Ruby Brown, has appealed to public sector leaders to support MIND’s ‘Leadership Development: A Vehicle for Public Sector Modernization’ conference, to be held at the Hilton Hotel, New Kingston, March 18-19.
Mrs. Brown recommended the participation of all public sector managers and leaders, “given the mutuality of our interests in working towards securing for the public sector quality leadership that impacts government performance and services to the citizenry.”
“We are really counting on their full participation, as the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the development of leadership are the foundations of an accountable, responsive and innovative government,” she said in an interview with JIS News.
Over 250 persons are expected to attend the conference, which will enable leaders to respond to the dynamics of public service. The cost is J$17,000 for both days. The daily rate is J$9,000. Overseas delegates are expected to pay US$300.
“It is basically going to provide an opportunity for public sector leaders to engage in discourse on critical issues, that are relevant to the process of enabling government to respond timely and effectively to the demands and dynamics of a modern and effective public service and, of course, as it relates to the matter of leadership development,” she said.
“Without a doubt, the whole matter of leadership development for public sector modernization couldn’t be more relevant, because the [issue] of leadership is now not just a national, but an international imperative, given the dynamics of the global environment and its far reaching impact on the quality of governance,” Mrs. Brown articulated.
“It is not that leadership development ought not to be considered in good times as well, but it is even more critical given what is happening around us, and so we thought that a conference of this nature, bringing public sector leaders together to have discourse, certainly is very important and timely,” she added.
The sessions on both days are intended to raise consciousness of the need for leadership development, so as to have a stronger, more effective and impactful public service leadership. It will also assist public sector leaders and other managers to develop skills for greater efficiency in their respective organizations, she said.
“We really need all our partners and stakeholders to participate. We really need their full input and collaboration in the process, and we recognize that, once they are fully involved, then greater focus and attention will be given to the need to enhance leadership capabilities and capacity,” she predicted.
Registration for both days of the conference will commence at 8:00 and the activities continue until 4:30 pm.
MIND is the government’s main public sector management training agency, with a crucial role in the transformation of public services, both in Jamaica and the region.

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