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An agri-business expo, aimed at sensitizing young people about the various business opportunities in the agricultural sector and strategies to establish successful enterprises, was held recently in St. Elizabeth.
Scores of residents of the parish attended the event, which was staged at the Santa Cruz Community Centre.
Regional Community Development Manager for the Social Development Commission (SDC), Yvette Anderson-Barrett, advised persons that before investing in a business venture, they need to take time to conduct proper research and feasibility studies.
“If you want a business that is sound, that will last, that is sustainable, that will work, you will have to spent time investigating, researching and building a business plan,” she stated.
“You need to be speaking to the right people, the persons who know, the government agencies that have information, the financial institutions,
which have people who can help you,” she stated further, noting that agencies such as the Small Business Association of Jamaica, and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), would help them create business plans and direct them to lending agencies and other support.
Other important points to consider, Mrs. Anderson-Barrett said, include whether the business would be registered as a sole trader or a partnership, and who would be the main stakeholders in the case of a partnership.
She also advised persons not to “cut corners” and to make a budget for the business, which should include things like phone calls and travelling. “You must, in the budget, put a salary for yourself. If you don’t put a salary for yourself, you will start taking from the business and that will lead to financial problems,” she pointed out.
She urged persons to build a solid foundation for their business by taking time to plan properly, as the enterprise might be an inheritance for their children or grandchildren.
The agri-business expo, which targeted young people age 18 to 35 years, was staged by the SDC’s St. Elizabeth Parish Office, in partnership with the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).
The event brought together several organisations, such as the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA); Jamaica 4-H Clubs; Ornamental Fish Farmers Association; St. Elizabeth Co-operative Credit Union; Jamaica National Small Business Loan Limited; HEART Trust/NTA; Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning; and JBDC.

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