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Archdeacon The Venerable Egbert Robertson, past chairman of the deCarteret College in Mandeville, was recently honoured by the institution for more than 30 years of outstanding service.
At the function held on the school grounds, the Archdeacon’s wife Olga Robertson, who served as Regional Director in the Ministry of Education, was also lauded for her contribution to education.
In paying homage to Archdeacon Robertson, principal of deCarteret College, Millard McLeod, said that the past chairperson was a supportive leader, who shared in the principal’s vision for the school. Vice Principal, Angela Walker, noted his active interest in the academic performance of each student and that he challenged heads of departments to formulate goals and strategies to ensure that students got the most out of their school years.
Past Principal, Herbert Brown credited the past chairperson with being highly supportive of the school’s three-year disciplinary programme during the early 1990s, which helped to transform the school. He added that the Archdeacon took deliberate care in the professional development of staff and the welfare of students, and was strongly opposed to the expulsion of students.
Member of staff, Wendy Cumberbatch, in her expressions of appreciation, said that, “hundreds have come to benefit from Archdeacon’s many and generous works done for the advancement of those who have traversed these halls”.
Archdeacon Robertson began serving the institution in the 1970s, first as chief invigilator for external examinations and then in subsequent years, as a member then vice chairperson of the school’s board of management.
In March 1991, he was elected chairperson, a position, which he held for 17 years.
He has also served as chairperson for a number of other institutions in the parish of Manchester such as: Bishop Gibson High School for Girls, Church Teachers’ College, Kendal All-age, Comfort All-age, Chantilly Primary, School of Hope, among others.
Archdeacon Robertson has been a Minister of Religion for some 45 years and was Rector of St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Mandeville. He also taught religious education and history.
Tributes were also paid to Mrs. Robertson, who served as Regional Director of the Ministry of Education in the 1990s. She had the responsibility of overseeing the smooth running of deCarteret in her capacity has Chief Education Officer for Region Five.
Mrs. Robertson thanked the school family for their expressions of appreciation and added that she supported her husband the best way that she could, and in so doing, had reaped some of that goodwill.

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