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The JSIF-Integrated Community Development Programme (ICDP), Alternative Livelihood and Skills Development initiative has significantly enhanced the capacity development of several young people across communities within Jamaica.

Young, Javan Williams is a proud recipient of the programme and is now reaping economic benefits from the knowledge gained in the area of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) principles.

Javan revealed that he discovered the programme at a time when he had fallen on bad times and was grappling with both emotional family-related issues and financial constraints, which eventually led him to being deregistered from a Bachelor’s programme at the University of the West Indies.  In expressing his dismay; he explained that; “I was quite crestfallen at the turn of events in my life, compounded by the fact that I was no longer able to attend University.”

He further shared that for approximately one year, he was without a stable source of income and occasionally would be engaged in just doing odd jobs, then suddenly, the tables turned when a family member introduced him to the JSIF-ICDP Alternative Livelihood and Skills Development programme in which he enrolled.  Javan stated that; “this programme became a beacon of hope and has totally transformed my life in terms of the specialised training gained which eventually led me to gainful employment.  My journey of success started from being enrolled in the programme and graduating with certification in General Training in Air Conditioning (GTAC) at levels one and two from Carrier’s Air Conditioners.”

JSIF continues to invest significantly in community development by delivering several major projects and social intervention programmes which are vastly appreciated by its communities and beneficiaries.  As a beneficiary, Javan humbly expressed his appreciation.  “Today, I am truly grateful to JSIF for the opportunity to pursue this skills training programme and I would like to encourage other youths in the various communities to capitalize on these lucrative skills training opportunities as they arise.”  He also expressed thanks to the CAC Foundation for the job placement at CAC 2000 Limited, which is one of Jamaica’s leading distributors of technologically advanced air conditioning equipment and parts from some of the world’s leading brands.

“After my internship programme, I was immediately offered full time employment as a Dispatcher.  In my current role, I am engaged in several duties including; providing customers with quotations, procuring goods from local and overseas suppliers, assisting with the troubleshooting of air conditioning units as well as assisting with the preparation of technical reports,” he said.

Javan is passionate about his work and lives by the motto of his former high school – Wolmer’s Boys’, which states ‘Age Quod Agis’, – ‘Whatever you do, Do it well’.  He also aspires to pursue further certifications as well as to return to University on a part time basis while working.

Under the JSIF-Integrated Community Development Programme (ICDP), Alternative Livelihood and Skills Development initiative approximately 1,734 young people have benefitted. Some of the key skills areas covered were; Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Principles, Customer Service Engagement, Welding, Film Production, 3Ds Animation, Digital Plumbing, Landscaping, Online Entrepreneurship, Event Planning as well as Training in various areas for the Blue Economy.   This sub-project was executed to develop capacity building and increase economic outputs for young people within their communities. Additionally, the programme was developed to provide alternative non-traditional educational opportunities so that they can be inspired to become entrepreneurs.

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