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MANDEVILLE — The Windsor Lodge Children's Home, in Manchester, has received four computers, a refrigerator, a television and other  supplies from Children of Jamaica Outreach (COJO), which is based in the United States.

The items were presented recently by Founder of COJO, Gary Williams, to Head of the home, Major Jacqueline Palmer.

Mr. Williams explained that part of the mission of his group is to ensure that children in the care of the State are given the best care, and commended the Child Development Agency (CDA), for assisting to clear the  items at Customs.

“We do our part in the United States, but we are blessed to have you here to do the other work, so that we can reach the children of Jamaica. It is commendable that when we visit the homes for the presentation, you are here with us. It is part of your commitment to deliver quality attention to children, and that will give us more drive to go back and do more,” Mr. Williams told the audience.

Meanwhile, Director of Programmes at the CDA, Winston Bowen, said they are pleased with the consistent support which COJO has given over the last 16 years. “COJO always provides quality items which serve to enhance the growth and development of our children. We are all happy for the generous gifts, and we want to encourage you to continue to work for children, and we at the CDA will continue to do our part in ensuring that things are cleared on time and without difficulty, so that they can get to the children,” Mr. Bowen said.

For her part,  Major Palmer said the computers will assist the 65 children to grasp opportunities in the area of technology, as they are keen on learning new topics in that area. 

“I have also just finished a room for cosmetology, and they are doing well in their classes, so thanks to friends like Mr. Williams, who have seen the need to help fund our programmes. I have been here for 12 years, and these that you have given were part of my dreams for the institution,” she said.

Children of Jamaica Outreach was founded in 1994 on the principle of creating opportunities through empowerment and wide-ranging social development programmes. Its values are built on the foundation that children are great assets and must be provided with services that will improve their existing conditions.



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