Wide Participation at St. Elizabeth Parish Labour Day Project

The Pisgah Basic School in St. Elizabeth, which was selected as the main Labour Day project in the parish, drew several persons from the community and agencies turning out today (May 25) to assist in its refurbishing.
Work at the institution included re-roofing a section of the building, and painting and clearing stones on the compound.
In expressing thanks, the Principal, Shirley McDonald, said she was elated at the turn out of persons.
“I want to thank everybody, the different organisations that came out, they have worked hard and have done many things. Thanks to the parents and the community, without them this project would not have taken place,” Mrs. McDonald stated.
President of the Pisgah Community Club, Angela Kelly, said her members participated in the project because they are interested in the community.
“If the Basic School is up and running, and is in good order, the children will learn. When the children learn you will have better persons coming to the All Age School,” Miss Kelly emphasized.
Councillor for the area, Ernest Hendricks, said the selection of an early childhood school was the best that he could have recommended, when he was asked to name a Labour Day project for the parish.
“I believe in education, especially for the small children, this is a milestone that will last for sometime,” he said.
His Worship the Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, said that many of the projects across the parish were citizen-driven, and had received tremendous support from the communities.
He said much needed work was done at the parish project in Pisgah.
“Selecting the basic school as the parish project will go a far way in completing the repair work that was needed. When the work is complete, the roof will be in a better condition, and we are confident that everything will be done with good workmanship,” the Mayor said.

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