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Children at the Hanbury Home, in Manchester, came in for a special treat on Saturday (May 23), courtesy of the Optimist Club of Mandeville.
Members of the Club, as their Labour Day project, spent part of the day with the residents, providing entertainment, reading stories for them and providing care for them.
Secretary of the Club, Paula Minott, said that it was a move to give of their time to those who would have needed it most, and that they chose Saturday so as to have enough members participating, because some would have been engaged with different projects on May 25.
“We came here this morning and fellowshipped with the children, and it is uplifting to see their reactions. You hug a child and they smile and talk about it with elation. It shows that we have touched them. And we are satisfied by their comfort,” Miss Minot said.
Ten-year-old Afreka Higgins said that the visit was enjoyable.
“I am glad they are here. They are very nice people. The stories were good, and they washed my hair. I want them to come again, “she said.
House Mother, Ethlyn Evans, said the visit by the Optimist Club was not only helpful to the children, but for her, as well.
“I was very tired this morning and their coming and helping the children was a blessing. They have done part of my work,” she said.

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