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The Westmoreland Parish Council has stepped up efforts to rid the streets of the parish of all stray animals, with plans now far advanced for the acquisition of a tranquilizer/stun gun to help in the capture of the animals.
Mayor of Savanna-La-Mar, Councillor Delford Morgan told JIS News that the time had come for the Council to make use of available technology to rid the streets of the stray animals and make the roads safer for the public, especially motorists.
“The problem of stray animals on our public roads is of great concern as countless lives have been needlessly lost as a consequence of (vehicular) collision with these animals. Property damage to motor vehicles has also been great,” he noted.
He said that despite its best efforts, the Council had been unable to capture all the stray animals and acquiring the stun gun was expected to assist the process.
Mayor Morgan informed that contact had been made with a manufacturer and approval has been sought from the Commissioner of Police and the Ministry of National Security “to empower us to purchase this gun, which is designed to be non-fatal”.
The tranquilizer gun is designed to temporarily disable the animal, “better enabling the catchers to herd them into trucks and take them to the designated pound, a little dizzy but alive,” he pointed out further.
The Mayor told JIS News that the Parish Council would be training a worker in the proper use of the gun and assured that its use would be properly monitored by the Council.
He said the Council expected to begin using the equipment as soon as the necessary approval was given and advised owners of stray animals to secure them now or face the prospect of losing them for good.

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