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Vere Technical High School received a donation of J$3 million from JAMALCo to effect repairs to the school, which sustained damage caused by Hurricane Ivan. The cheque was handed over to the school’s administration on Friday, October 15 at a special Heroes Day function in which seven Olympians who competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece were honoured.
“This is a worthwhile investment and when the dividends pay out gold, silver and bronze with hard earned perspiration, what more could we want,” Public and Community Relations Administrator at JAMALCo, Pamela Whyte said.
In a JIS News interview, Vice Principal, Icilda Hamilton Coore expressed her gratitude to the school’s corporate neighbour for their contribution to the restoration efforts. “We’re very grateful to JAMALCo for their financial contribution. At this time it is badly needed because there are a number of areas that need to be restored, areas that we have not yet started and are needed for the learning process to continue. So with that contribution, I have no doubt that we will be able to restore those areas for use,” she said.
Mrs. Hamilton-Coore explained that the roof of the Grade Nine classroom block which housed five classes; the roof of a block housing the library, one classroom, two computer rooms, and the dental clinic; and the roof of the boys’ bathroom had all been lost in the hurricane. This she said was in addition to the loss of thousands of chickens and other livestock including pigs and goats.
She noted that work had already been done on the roof of the Grade Nine classroom block as a priority, in order to resume classes as quickly as possible.

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