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It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you all to the third official ceremony to complete the swearing in of the political directorate, namely the Ministers of State and Parliamentary Secretaries as a direct result of the elections of September 3. I commend the eleven Ministers of State and two Parliamentary Secretaries who have been recommended for appointment by the Prime Minister, the Hon. Orette Bruce Golding.
As successful candidates in the recent elections, you have the assurance that the Jamaican people have given you a mandate to build on the achievements of the past forty five years, but more importantly to continue to provide hope by translating their aspirations into a lived experience. As Ministers of State and Parliamentary Secretaries you are aware of the challenges that we face today. You are also aware of the vision of the society that you will be called upon to help construct over the next five years.
Your challenge will be how to meet the expectations of our people for an improved quality of life within a democratic political system and a stable society.
How will we marshal the resources to create unlimited opportunities for growth?
How will we ensure the protection of the rights of the Jamaican people?
How will we reduce crime so that Jamaicans can feel safe and secure?
How will an educated, productive workforce be created?
Will investments continue to be attracted so that prosperity can be generated and shared among the people of Jamaica?
Will we be able to create the supporting elements that will result in attaining first world status during this century?
How can we continue to build on the trust that Jamaicans have exhibited by electing you to positions of high office?
How will we facilitate the full participation of the Jamaican people in the nation’s development?
How will we engage our young people in the building of social capital?
How will we promote harmony and equity by fostering national dialogue and unity?
How will we be able to rebuild our agriculture and infrastructure after the devastation of hurricane Dean?
How will we face the challenges posed by a global economy that threatens to undermine the bases of our trading system?
How will we reposition ourselves to take better advantage of the trade and development opportunities on the global market?
And I could go on posing issues.
I am sure that you have all given considerations to these issues, and already have answers to many of these questions, and in the days ahead will demonstrate, not only the grasp of the scope of the challenges but will demonstrate your ability to propose and implement programmes and projects that will give us the confidence, and strengthen the will of Jamaicans to make this country a better place.
All Jamaicans wish you well in your new posts and are satisfied that you will provide leadership, that you will display courage and determination, and will discharge your responsibilities with the spirit of understanding, while exhibiting excellence as the hallmark of your tenure. As this is the final swearing in ceremony, may I use this opportunity to express our collective gratitude to those who organised these functions with such success.
We are deeply aware of the time constraints, the resource limitations and the challenges faced by planning functions at short notice; yet those of you who were involved in the process rose to the challenge and we can all be proud of your achievements as these ceremonies were another indication of the excellence that is so characteristic of Jamaicans when we undertake major activities.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this ceremony and thank you.

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