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As part of the expansion project at the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT), four new cranes will be commissioned into service soon at the new western berth, bringing to 19 the number of cranes in operation at the facility. Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry, visited the port today (September 18), to observe the unloading of the cranes.
Speaking at a press briefing at the port, Mr. Henry said the arrival of the four new cranes would “complete the delivery on site of all the major heavy equipment at the core of the transshipment operations at the terminal, which were ordered under the expansion project.”
In addition, the Minister said he was pleased with the progress of the ongoing expansion project at the KCT.
“No one can say the facility is not stepping with the times when the ongoing efforts are geared at increasing the rated capacity of the terminal’s transshipment facilities by over 100 per cent of its 2005 rated capacity,” Mr. Henry said.
“In real terms, this translates into an increased rated capacity of 1.7 million foot equivalent units, from the 1.5 million units rated capacity in 2005, to the 3.2 million units projected at the completion of the on-going expansion,” he added.
The current expansion phase (fifth), now in its latter stages, will raise the profile of the terminal to include seven additional acres of space at the south terminal yard; 113.7 acres of space at the new west terminal yard; 475 metres of berth space at the new western terminal berth and 24 four-high straddle cables to augment 50 three-high straddle carriers which were already in place.
Mr. Henry informed that the expansion of the KCT would attract more vessels which come through the Panama canal.
“This is because the Kingston hub, with its comprehensive transportation network into the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and the Far East, is becoming increasingly attractive in the region,” the Minister said.
“This all spells well for the terminal, which is a critical driving force for the local economy on which the government and the people of Jamaica are depending, to help stir the economic revolution that we all so fervently desire for the country,” he added.
Noel Hylton, Chairman of the Port Authority of Jamaica, noted that he was “extremely proud of the development that is taking place (at the KCT) and to see that it is maturing as planned.”
In January of this year, the first two of an order of six 65-ton Super-Post-Panamax Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes were delivered and commissioned into service by Shanghia Zhenhua Port Machinery Company Limited of China. The cost of each crane is US$7.5 million.
The total cost of the expansion of the KCT, which will last until 2009, is approximately US$240 million.

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