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I am delighted to specially welcome the newly elected members of the House of Representatives, their relatives, colleagues and friends, as we gather this morning, to congratulate the seventeen (17) members who have been selected by Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, to become Members of the Cabinet.
I know that it is very difficult to name a Cabinet; therefore, it is evident that Mr. Golding has given serious thought to the members of his team whom he has positioned to make decisions that will shape the course of our national life for the next five years.
Ministers designate, as you take up this mantle of leadership, you should remember that as a Minister in the Cabinet, you are part of a team . and one of the cardinal principles of Cabinet Government is that of collective responsibility.
This morning, you will take the Oath of Office committing to being Members of the Cabinet; and, thereby, accept the collective responsibility for the present and future of Jamaica.
I commend you on your appointment and for your willingness to serve. Your acceptance of this appointment indicates a willingness to commit yourselves and to assist the Prime Minister to ensure that the declarations he made at his inauguration, will become the lived experience for Jamaicans.
The Prime Minister advocated the creation of a society in which:
The rights of our people will be protectedCrime will be reducedAn educated and productive workforce will be createdInvestments will be attractedCorruption will be eliminated, andGovernment services will be delivered efficiently, among others
It is our hope that the special emphasis on these areas will generate the change that will guide and uplift the spirit and will of our people, so that they can join hands across Jamaica – in every town and community – to continue on the path of national prosperity and social well-being.
Successive Cabinet Ministers have contributed to building this phase of our development, and the collective contributions and legacies of which we are the beneficiaries today, constitute real benchmarks, despite the challenges that we continue to face.
It is in our best interest to grapple with the significant national challenges that we face today . and all Jamaicans are confident that we have the will, the expertise and the imagination to find the right solutions.
Jamaicans at home and abroad are very proud of their leaders and they have great expectations of this new Cabinet. It is our hope that you will fulfill and exceed these expectations.
Please accept my very best wishes on your appointment to the Cabinet and be assured that you have the continued support of the people of Jamaica, who are deserving of excellent leadership.
I thank you.

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