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Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, has defended the size of his 18-member Cabinet, stating that the size of the executive was appropriate for the challenges that the country faces.
“The Cabinet that I have chosen has been very carefully structured and in my judgment, it is what is necessary; it is what is appropriate for the challenges that face us at this time,” Mr. Golding stated at the swearing in of the Cabinet members today (Sept.14) at King’s House.
“We have in fact increased the number of Ministries from 14 to 15 (and) to those 15 Ministries have been assigned 18 Ministers of Cabinet rank,” he noted, adding that the Cabinet is a combination of youth and experience.
“I have sought to put together a Cabinet that blends experience with youthful energy without careless exuberance. I consider it to be more than a Cabinet; it is a team,” he told the gathering of public servants, family, friends and well-wishers, who attended the ceremony.
According to the Prime Minister, the issue of size is relative as other Caribbean countries such as Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, which have much smaller populations than Jamaica, have much larger Cabinets. “If you look at Guyana, which has a much smaller population than we do, Guyana has 23 members of its Cabinet. In the case of Trinidad, (there are) 24 members in the Cabinet and it would have been good, it would have been politically correct to try to look at the number that would satisfy the concerns of big government. An 18-member Cabinet does not necessarily signify big government,” he pointed out.
Prime Minister Golding said he has confidence in the team that he has put together and charged the Cabinet members: “Let’s go and do the people’s work that awaits us.”
“The appointment of these Ministers reflects my commitment in them, my confidence in their ability and my confidence in their commitment first in your country and then to me. I expect great things of you, the Jamaican people expect great things of you and therefore together, we cannot afford to let down the people of Jamaica,” he told the Cabinet members. In addition to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet members are: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dr. Kenneth Baugh; Minister of Finance and Public Service, Audley Shaw; Minister of National Security, Derrick Smith; Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Senator Dorothy Lightbourne; Minister of Education, Andrew Holness; Minister of Industry, Commerce and Investment, Karl Samuda; Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett; Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Tufton; Minister of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings; Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang; Minister of Labour and Social Security, Pearnel Charles; Minister of Health and Environment, Rudyard Spencer; Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Olivia Grange; Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Henry; Minister without Portfolio (Office of the Prime Minister), James Robertson; Minister without Portfolio (Ministry of Finance and Public Service), Senator Don Wehby; Minister without Portfolio (Ministry of Finance and Public Service), Senator Dwight Nelson.
Mr. Delroy Chuck will be nominated as Speaker of the House.

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