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Jamaica’s National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons (NATFATIP) will join other countries worldwide to observe World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2021, on Friday, July 30.

Speaking at a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘Think Tank’, held on July 20, Manager, Trafficking in Persons Secretariat, Ministry of National Security, Chenee Russell Robinson, said the Ministry will be hosting a week of activities under the global theme ‘Victims’ Voices Lead the Way’, to commemorate the World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2021, beginning on Sunday, July 25 with a church service.

There will also be sensitisation sessions, including with hotel employees, radio and television interviews and a virtual town hall on July 30 to commemorate the day itself.

According to Mrs. Russell Robinson, the town hall, which will be the culmination of the week of activities, will be focused on a victim-centred approach to human trafficking.

“As this year’s theme says, victims’ voices should lead the way, so this forum is focused on attaining information from victims as to what are their experiences, to assess how can the Government and other stakeholders help victims to reintegrate into society and to assist victims of trafficking. We do not have all the answers, so it is best to get first-hand information from victims on how we can assist them and if our guidelines and policies are up to standard and efficient to assist victims,” she explained.

The panel of speakers will include Sub Officer in Charge of the Anti-TIP (Vice Squad), Jamaica Constabulary Force, Detective Inspector Kemisha Gordon; Senior Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Sharon Millwood Moore; TIP Ambassador and Survivor of Human Trafficking, Shamere McKenzie; and Warnath Group, Country Project Director, Aylair Livingstone.

The virtual session will be streamed on the social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) of the Ministry of National Security (@mnsgovjm), from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For her part,  Detective Inspector Gordon appealed to Jamaicans to work with the various Government stakeholders to challenge the issue of human trafficking locally.

“We need an all-hands-on deck approach if we are going to put a dent in this type of offence that occurs on our shores. I am urging Jamaicans to get in the know; trafficking does not require transportation – a person can be trafficked without being moved from their home,” she noted.

“They can be trafficked by parents, guardians and loved ones, so keep your eyes open and be wise. Spot them and stop them and help us to stop trafficking by reporting these incidents,” she urged.

Persons who suspect incidents of trafficking in persons or are victims can call the police within their area to make a report. They can also send an email to tip.ocid@jcf.gov.jm, call the Ministry of National Security at 876-906-49 or speak to the child counsellors at the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA).

The NATFATIP was established in June 2005 as a multi-agency approach to enhance national capacity and to develop and implement Jamaica’s legislative, institutional and operational response for combatting trafficking in persons.

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