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Prime Minister Bruce Golding restated the intention to sell assets that the Government is unable to maintain. He was making his contribution to the debate on the medium term economic programme in Parliament on January 26.
“We have to get our house back in order…we are faced with a situation where we have to take tough decisions, some of those may make you unpopular but that is not going to cause us to flinch.”
The Prime Minister noted that the cost of maintaining many assets, such as Air Jamaica, was taking resources away from core government responsibilities such as maintaining roads and providing public health care.
Mr. Golding said that the final divestment list is to be vetted by Cabinet soon but advised that it was about 100 assets including the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC), Central Wastewater Treatment Company (CWTC), North Coast Highway, Petcom, shares in the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, Port of Kingston, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, equity in Clarendon Alumina Partners, Windalco and the Norman Manley International Airport

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