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The Fire and Safety Committee of the Clarendon Parish Council is to spearhead the establishment of a voluntary police organisation, which is to assist the Clarendon Police in their crime fighting efforts.
This announcement was made recently by Councillor Trevor Morris at a press conference called by the Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown at the Parish Council chambers.
The press conference was convened to update the residents of Clarendon on the progress of the Council since taking up office after the Local Government elections in June this year.
Councillor Morris who heads the Fire and Safety Committee explained that his committee had met with the police to discuss the establishment of the voluntary police organisation.
He noted that this group would carry out investigations into crimes committed within communities in the parish and report its findings to the Superintendent of Police.
The organisation will comprise retired soldiers and police, as well as other volunteers who are actively involved in community organisations, neighbourhood watch groups, and police youth clubs.
Councillor Morris said that the Superintendent for the parish was to meet with the Minister of National Security to discuss the initiative.
He mentioned that this strategy was being patterned off a similar idea carried out in New York, which had a significant impact on crime reduction in that city.The Fire and Safety Committee was established on August 25, this year with the objective of assisting the police to reduce crime in the parish, among other things.

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