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Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown, has outlined plans to improve the infrastructure in the parish of Clarendon at a press conference held recently at the Parish Council Chamber in May Pen.
The Mayor highlighted what he described as priority areas, including repairs and upgrading of the May Pen market, establishing parks and green spaces, erecting street signs, establishing minor water supply systems and road repairs.
He told journalists that a plan was now being established to move about 200 vendors from off the streets and into the market for which funding was being sought.
The Mayor mentioned that this plan involved preparing the unoccupied open-air southeastern end of the market for occupancy, preparing the fish market for use and moving the vendors into this area, erecting rails along the road leading from the May Pen Bus Park and revising market security to ensure the safety of vendors and customers.
He said that the cost of this project would amount to $4.5 million.
Mayor Brown said that about 24 kilometres of roads in the parish were to be repaired in the communities of Mineral Heights; Content Road and Morgan’s Lane in York Town, Coates Pen in May Pen, Morrison Hill in Rock River, and Cabbage Hill in Frankfield.
This initiative, he said was being done through the Parochial Revenue Fund from the respective councillors allocation of $900,000, for which work had already started on the Content Road. The work is expected to be completed within the next three weeks. The Mayor said that the Council had set aside $2.5 million to carry out drain cleaning over the next two weeks.
He revealed that one green area had been identified for rehabilitation in each of the six constituencies in the parish and two in the town of May Pen.
It was also reported that work had already commenced at the intersection of the Bustamante Highway and Glenmuir Road at a cost of $130,000. Additionally, progress has also been made in improving the Mineral Heights/Bustamante Highway section at a cost of some $70,000.
He told journalists that about 125 illegal advertising signs were removed in May Pen on Wednesday (October 8). This drive, he said would extend to the towns of Frankfield, Spalding, Kellits, Lionel Town and other areas.
He also mentioned that beginning at the end of October, stop signs and street signs would be erected in May Pen, and this process would be completed by Christmas.
Mayor Brown said that in an effort to change the perception of the residents and to become more transparent, a monthly update of the activities of the Council would be issued.

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