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An Enrichment Centre was handed over to the Victoria Town Primary School, Manchester, by the Digicel Foundation on Thursday (September 10).
Digicel refurbished and equipped the Centre, in partnership with the Education Transformation Team, at a cost of $2 million. It will be used to boost the institution’s literacy and numeracy programmes.
Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the school, the Principal, Paul Grant, said the Centre will enable the institution to reach its literacy and numeracy targets in its action plan for the academic year 2009/10.
The school will be designing programmes to educate the gifted, and remediate and teach challenged students through technology, he added.
“If your students don’t learn the way you teach them, teach them the way they learn. Digicel and the ETT team have provided us with the resources that will aid us to teach them the way they learn,” he said.
He pledged that the school will care take care of the resources, and produce the desired academic results for which the programme is intended.
The Enrichment Centre is equipped with information technologies, including a laptop, multi-media projector, 6 computers equipped with literacy and numeracy software, and scores of electronic learning aids for challenged students. It is one of 13 such facilities that have been refurbished and equipped by the Digicel Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.
The St. Jago Primary and Harmons All Age schools, neighbouring schools, will also benefit from the Victoria Town Enrichment Centre, by shuttling students there. Victoria Town Primary has just over 100 students enrolled, and 5 teachers.
The Digicel Foundation has, as its main objective, to empower communities by assisting them to become more self-reliant, through tangible educational, skills training, sport and other social programmes.

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