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Sixty-one new tablets have been handed over to the Vauxhall High School in Kingston, to assist needy students to access online learning.

The devices, donated by the Vauxhall High School Past Students Association of New York, in collaboration with past students in Canada and Jamaica, were handed over at a virtual ceremony, held at the school’s Windward Road location in East Kingston recently.

In an interview with JIS News, Vice Principal of Vauxhall High School, Annette Campbell Burke, expressed gratitude for the donation, adding that the school continues activities to supplement efforts by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to procure devices for students.

Mrs. Campbell Burke, who is also a past student of the institution, appealed for support from the wider alumni community to assist students at this time of great need.

“It is a time for us to be our brother’s keeper… . It is very important for everyone to look back and see how best we can help our students,” she said.

President of the Vauxhall High School Past Students Association of New York, George Roach, said the association is to embark on a second tablet drive from April 1 to July 31, with the aim of procuring an additional 50 tablets for delivery in September.

In addition, Mr. Roach said the association, which maintains active involvement in the school’s affairs, also provides monetary donations to support the institution’s welfare programme.

“We hope that this will inspire other past students to support the school,” Mr. Roach added.

For his part, President of the Vauxhall High School Past Students Association of Jamaica, Timar Jackson, said the group is committed to furthering this effort.

“We are still looking at ways that we can expand donations to the school. We are continually taking note of the needs and will respond accordingly,” the President said.

The donation of the devices was made through the National Education Trust (NET).

The NET is an agency of the Government of Jamaica. It mobilises financial and quality resource investments for schools in Jamaica to achieve greater levels of access to education and learning.

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