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Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Desmond McKenzie, says the vaccine ‘ambassador’ initiative has, so far, yielded promising results.

Under the initiative, all Members of Parliament will recruit vaccine ‘ambassadors’ to operate in all 63 constituencies to encourage constituents to take the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

Speaking with JIS News in a recent interview, Minister McKenzie said the programme “is going exceptionally well”.

He pointed out that, to date, vaccine ‘ambassadors’ for 12 constituencies are now active in the field, and at least another 11 are slated to commence.

“Most of the Members of Parliament who are listed for the blitz have started to put the process in place. In 12 constituencies, so far…they are in the field,” the Minister noted.

Mr. McKenzie said that some Members of Parliament of the larger constituencies have indicated that more than the minimum 40 vaccine ‘ambassadors’ may be required to operate in these areas, adding that consideration is being given to increasing those numbers.

“It is something we are giving consideration to. But, so far, I am exceedingly happy to see what is happening,” the Minister said.

In addition, Mr. McKenzie said the Social Development Commission (SDC) is providing support in coordinating activities under the initiative.

“The SDC has been working to help to coordinate the programme on the ground and we are satisfied, so far. We are going to see tremendous improvement and a lot more participation, because the ‘ambassadors’ in many communities are reaching the people,” he added.

The vaccine ‘ambassador’ initiative forms part of the ongoing national vaccination programme to encourage greater take-up of the vaccines.

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