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The University of the West Indies (UWI) has committed to what it has dubbed, a ‘Greeninitiative’, as part of its efforts to promote environmentally sound practices.
The pact provides the UWI with a unique opportunity, as a regional university, and the Mona campus, as a national leader in teaching and research, to declare its commitment to protecting and improving its natural environment.
This is being done through engaging in and promoting sustainable practices. To this end, the campus registrar initiated the ‘Greeninitiative’ project, that will serve as a starting point for activities that will help the university to become a “green institution.”
Registrar of the UWI’s Mona campus, Dr. Camille Bell-Hutchinson, explained that the “Greenitiative” is a brand under which a number of environmental projects, for or by the students and staff of the UWI Mona campus, will be executed. It will also be a project management hub, coordinating and overseing the implementation of all green projects approved for execution under the “Greenitiative” brand.
She was speaking at the launch of the initiative, which is in honour of the work of distinguished physicist and climatologist, Professor Anthony Chen. The ceremony was held at the UWI’s Mona campus, as part of the university’s commemoration of its 50th anniversary.
Initially, “Greenitiative” will be limited to projects of and by the Mona campus, followed by sister campuses across the region.
Dr. Bell-Hutchinson said that the initiative will target specific projects and will be aimed at reducing the body of solid waste generated by the UWI, in the course of its administration: to preserve and restore the grounds and edifices of the campus; to improve energy efficiency in the administration of the campus; and to promote sustainable living practices, among its staff and students.
The statement of commitment and understanding for the Greenitiative states that the UWI Mona campus is committed to serving as stewards, in order to facilitate sustainable growth as a regional higher education institution.

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