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A Puisne Judge and two Senior Resident Magistrates, were sworn in Thursday (April 9), to act as a Court of Appeal Judge and Puisne Judges, respectively, by the Governor General, His Excellency, the Most Honourable Dr. Patrick Allen, at King’s House.
Justice Norma McIntosh, will act as a Judge of the Court of Appeal. His Honour, Glenworth Brown, and Her Honour, Carol Edwards, will act as Puisne Judges.
Justice Brown’s appointment will become effective on April 15, while the appointments of Justice McIntosh and Justice Edwards take effect on April 20.

Governor General, His Excellency, the Most Honourable Dr. Patrick Allen, (right) guides Justice Norma McIntosh as she takes the Oath of Allegiance and Judicial Oath, during a ceremony held at King’s House on Wednesday( April 8), to appoint her to act as a Court of Appeal Judge. Two other Judges, Senior Resident Magistrates, His Honour, Glenworth Brown and Her Honour, Carol Edwards, were also appointed to act as Puisne Judges.

In commending the judges on their appointment, Dr. Allen noted that they were selected because of their “integrity, conscientiousness and dedication”, as well as their qualification and experience.
The Governor General also noted that the promotions were indicative of the confidence entrusted in them to carry out their duties responsibly.
“This responsibility is not only to yourselves, but to the nation as a whole. The nation will be watching you and, in particular, our youth. Be diligent in whatever you do and, at all times, uphold the high ideals of your profession, as you work to ensure that the integrity of our judicial system is safeguarded,” Dr. Allen charged.
Chief Justice Zaila McCalla said that the Judges have been called upon to serve at a time when the justice system is at a crossroads. She also noted that, although the Courts have been operating without adequate human and financial resources for decades, Judges have remained committed and willing to stay the course.
She urged the new appointees to continue to give of their best, guard their integrity zealously, “and continue to serve your country in accordance with the oaths that you have taken this morning.”

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