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The University of Technology (UTech) Students’ Union is to embark on a three-week Summer Outreach Programme titled, ‘Teach the Youth Outreach Programme 2013: Creating a Positive Impact Today on the Youth of Tomorrow’, from July 8 to 26.

The annual programme, organized by the Director of Community Services in the Students’ Union, Jerome Graham, is in its 14th year and has targeted the five nearby communities of August Town, Kintyre, Tavern, Highlight and Sandy Park. This year’s project will be launched on Thursday, July 4 at UTech.

According to Mr. Graham, the programme will focus on “regular Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies, with the introduction of Personal Development, as well as conflict resolution, drug abuse, and leadership for change.”

“We are expecting the students to benefit, especially in the personal development sessions. We want to instil in them the spirit of entrepreneurship, and that is why we are targeting the 14 to 18 age group as they are the ones at the CXC level,” he told JIS News.

The opening ceremony will be addressed by President of UTech, Professor Errol Morrison; Director of Community Services at UTech, Seymour Riley; President of the Students’ Union, Greaville Smith; and Mr. Graham.

Details of the programme can be found on the Students’ Union website at: www.utechstudentsunion.com.

Sponsors of the programme are Supreme Ventures, Food for the Poor, the Jamaica Information Service and Junior Chamber International.

Contact: Christine Ade-Gold

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