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A delegation from the University of Technology (UTech) is in the United Kingdom (UK) this week for a series of meetings aimed at strengthening partnerships with the Caribbean community and several UK universities.
The delegation is led by UTech President, Professor Errol Morrison, who told JIS News that the discussions will focus on opportunities for student and faculty exchanges and programmes to increase the university’s earning capacity.
Professor Morrison, who was addressing a welcome reception hosted by the Jamaican High Commission in London on Monday (Nov. 19), said that the university is seeking to enhance its profile within the Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora and bolster its relations with London South Banks and Staffordshire universities. The team will also be meeting with officials from the University of Surrey and Leeds Metropolitan University.
“We have existing partnerships with Staffordshire and London South Bank universities, and we hope to strengthen these partnerships as well as deepen and broaden the connect with Jamaicans in the Diaspora, not just economically and socially, but also educationally,” he stated.
Expounding on the connection that UTech hopes to make with the Caribbean Diaspora, Professor Morrison said: “We want to offer opportunities to children of Caribbean-related people, who may wish to have an experience in the Caribbean, because we have good programmes where they can experience mentorship. There are so many second and third generation children of the Caribbean, who are not aware of what opportunities there are in the Caribbean, and we can provide an all round experience.”
UTech Vice Chancellor, Lord Bill Morris, said that the university “is a very special institution in many ways in that it prepares young people for the world of work, while also offering a broad community outreach programme.
“We have an institution creating the skills and professionalism, all that is good to produce Jamaicans, who are fully trained and qualified and can go anywhere in the global economy and challenge for a job. It is a tremendous resource within our community and I think we can be very proud of what we do,” he stated.
UTech’s UK visit is being supported by the Jamaica National Building Society.

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