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Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, has urged United Kingdom-(UK) based Jamaicans to put pressure on their political representatives, in pressing their case against a planned increase of the Air Passenger Duty (APD) regime.
Speaking at a community meeting at the Jamaican High Commission in London recently, Mr. Bartlett said the proposed increase, would be crippling to tourism in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and encouraged the Jamaicans to use their political power to petition their Members of Parliament and the British Government, against such a move.
He said that the Jamaican Government was concerned about the planned increase and would be writing to the British Government on the issue.
“This is an area where you can help. You have political power. You can vote, so you can make your voices heard on this issue. Write to your MPs, write to the Prime Minister. The impact of the APD will be crippling on the Caribbean,” the Tourism Minister stated.
The British Government is proposing a reform to the APD, which would impose ascending fees on passengers based on the distance travelled to/from UK airports. As the UK moves to reduce emissions from aviation, the aim is to ensure that those who travel further, meet the cost of the environmental impact.
The revised regime, as proposed, will place long haul destinations like Jamaica in one of the highest bands, with economy class passengers facing a tax of

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