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Volunteers from the United Kingdom-based Projects Abroad, have painted a classroom at the Villa Road Primary and Junior High in Manchester and donated reading material to the institution.
Speaking to JIS News at a workday at the school last week, Bridgette Barrett, Country Director for Projects Abroad, said that the group conducts a “dirty day” every month, to give a facelift to a school or hospital. “It’s a physical activity. We are getting dirty, but at the end, we accomplish a task. We chose Villa Road as it has been with us since 2008, so that this classroom will be fully painted and reading materials given to the students,” she informed.
Principal of the institution, Franklyn Scott, in expressing gratitude, said that “when individuals and organisations give this kind of support to schools, it is a lasting investment for the future”.
“We need that kind of support to enhance the teaching environment. Projects Abroad has been helping us in many ways. They have provided personnel to help with our netball, football and tennis teams, and the school community is very pleased with the attention that they have given to us,” he told JIS News.
Projects Abroad is a voluntary organisation, which provides support to hospitals, schools and other community institutions.

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