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The Rotary Club of Mandeville has donated four blood pressure machines to the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Manchester.
In expressing thanks for the equipment at a handing over ceremony held recently at the hospital, Consultant in charge of the Accident and Emergency Department, Dr. Clive Lloyd said: “we are grateful for the machines from the Rotarians. They heard our pleas and brought them to us, so that we can serve our community with ease.”
Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Paulette Elliott, pointed out that the machines would help the nurses to serve patients better. “Many patients pass through the department and blood pressure machines cannot be too much, and we are appreciative to the Rotary Club for them,” she said.
For her part, Director in charge of community service with the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Loy Robinson, said that the donation was in keeping with the club’s commitment to equip, as best as possible, the schools and medical facilities within the community.
“Over the years, when we raise funds, this is what we do with it. So when persons are called on to support our different fundraising ventures, they can be assured that we give what we raise to worthy causes, and in giving back to the community, we single out educational institutions and health facilities to make them well equipped to meet the needs of the community,” she noted.
Just over a month ago, the club handed over a state-of-the-art anaesthetic machine to the hospital.

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