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There are plans to declare the town of Falmouth, in Trelawny, an Urban Development Corporation (UDC) designated area, which should lead to a co-ordinated development of that town in the future.
Consultations have started between the UDC and the Trelawny Parish Council, with a view to having that local authority coming to some agreement with the UDC about the development plans for greater Falmouth, and signing off on those plans.
The latest move towards designation was carried out on Thursday, February 11, when General Manager of the UDC, Miss Joy Douglas, along with representatives from her agency, made a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Trelawny Parish Council, in Water Square, Falmouth.
In the presentation entitled, ‘Greater Falmouth Redevelopment Plan 2010-2030’, the UDC team sought to explain the reasons for the designation, what it will mean for Trelawny in general and Falmouth in particular, the role of the Trelawny Parish Council in the whole process, the rationale for preparation of a Greater Falmouth Redevelopment Plan and benefits to be accrued from the new development.
In an interview with JIS News following her presentation, Miss Douglas explained that the UDC Act requires that consultations take place with the local authorities before establishing a designated area, adding that preliminary discussions have already been held with the technical persons from the Trelawny Parish Council.
“What this means is that the resources of the UDC will now be brought to bear on the planning for Greater Falmouth, because the plan that we will be preparing will not be restricted to what is now known as Falmouth, but Greater Falmouth. Given the fact that a lot of pressure will be coming on the town as a result of the new cruise ship pier that is being constructed, and the housing development that is taking place on the periphery of the town, there is going to be increased pressure for social services, commercial services and other infrastructure, for both the local population as well as the visitors who are expected to start arriving early next year,” she said.
She pointed out that the UDC will be moving expeditiously on the drafting of the development plan for the area, once approval from the local authority has been received.
Miss Douglas said it is hoped that the plan can be completed before the second quarter of the next financial year, adding that it is a requirement of the UDC Act that the plan be presented to the local authority on its completion.

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