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Travel Restrictions For UK Remain In Place

By: , January 28, 2021
Travel Restrictions For UK Remain In Place

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The travel restrictions applicable for the United Kingdom remain in place until February 28, 2021.

The move is part of the prevention and containment strategies being employed by the Government to deal with the new strain of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“We continue to monitor developments relating to the United Kingdom variant of the virus,” Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, said during the sitting of the House of Representatives on January 26.

Excluding the United Kingdom, Mr. Holness said the current protocols under the Controlled Entry programme for both residents and visitors will remain until April 15, 2021.

“This was done at the request of the tourism trade to provide some degree of certainty to travellers who want to make their vacation and travel plans,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Holness added that the restrictions applicable to hospitals, nursing homes and infirmaries will remain in place.

“While we remain focused on managing the pandemic, we have to concurrently focus on restoring jobs, gradually returning our economy back to productive capacity,” he added.

Last Updated: January 28, 2021

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