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Highway 2000 contractor, Bouygues, toll road operator, TransJamaican Highway and the National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC) are to jointly examine options to reduce the level of peak hour delay on the Portmore toll road.
This is based on directions given over the week-end by the Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, in response to media, community and individual complaints prompted by the delays which, he said, were “both loud and clear”.
A section of the roadway, which is under extensive repair, has been reduced from six to four lanes overall. Mr. Henry said that, although the repair arrangements were advertised and otherwise communicated to Portmore and the wider community, and complemented by a partial toll reduction, it appeared there is need for further examination of the situation.
The Minister cited obvious logistical limitations to the level of access that could be made available during the repair works, but stated that the question of public inconvenience was of extreme significance in the whole mix, as the repair works will be on for several months.
Based on Mr. Henry’s directions, the contractor, toll road operator and NROCC will be examining all the options going forward, in search of some way ease to the delays being experienced.

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