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Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry, has severely criticised the management of the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) for “gross neglect” resulting in the closure of the health clinic in May Pen, Clarendon.
Mr. Henry, in whose Central Clarendon constituency the clinic is located, said the criticism was warranted, because “for all of 15 years now reports have been consistently lodged about the deteriorating state of the now closed facility.”
In declaring that he was demanding action from, and a meeting with, Health Minister, Hon. Rudyard Spencer, on the matter, Mr. Henry cited what he described as a plantation-type approach to the management of the health region from its base in Mandeville.
“Those in charge of the health region seem to be largely focused on the interests of the more affluent people of Mandeville and elsewhere in Manchester, who don’t need the public health services anywhere near as much as some of the more marginalised communities in Clarendon,” he asserted.
He said he was seeking for the health authorities to consider removing Clarendon from under “the obviously biased and ineffective” regional health authority, which he accused of sitting back “for so long” allowing the state of the clinic to deteriorate to the point where it now has to be closed indefinitely.
Mr. Henry said he was making arrangements for the displaced May Pen town centre community to be temporarily served out of the health clinic at Denbigh, on the compound of the May Pen Hospital.

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