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Minister of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Robert Pickersgill, has announced the construction of a modern multi-million dollar Transport Centre for the town of Linstead in St. Catherine.
The Minister was speaking recently at the opening of a new taxi stand in the town.
He said that the taxi stand and the new transport centre would reduce traffic congestion significantly in Linstead.
Mr. Pickersgill said that since the relaxing of the Government’s import policy, the number of taxi operators islandwide have grown substantially, resulting in congestion of streets and town centres.
“The decision to construct this taxi stand was a deliberate strategy to address this problem and the completion is the first step in developing a modern transportation centre in Linstead,” the Minister said.
The new taxi stand was completed below the original contract figure of $10 million. Located on Fourth Street in the town centre, it can accommodate approximately 40 cars. A marginal fee is to be charged to facilitate the maintenance and upkeep of the new taxi stand.
Mr. Pickersgill pointed out that Chairman of the Board of the Transport Authority, Norton Hinds, had consented to waive the applicable fees for both the cleared grounds for the proposed transport centre and the new taxi stand. “During the yuletide season and up until the middle of January, the Chairman of the Transport Authority would be allowing free parking to taxi operators, but thereafter fees will be applied,” he said.
He said that adequate notice would be given to allow users to plan for the payment of the fees, stressing that for the facilities to be properly maintained, the payment of fees was necessary.
The new taxi stand will accommodate taxis serving the communities of Wakefield, Banbury, Ewarton, Bog walk, Lluidasvale and Orange Field.

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