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December 21, 2006 marks the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and Jamaica.
The Governments of Spain and Jamaica underline the importance that is accorded to this date and highlight their satisfaction at the level of friendship and cooperation achieved during the course of these forty years.
Both countries are also pleased with the level of Spanish investments in the last years which will be an important factor in the contribution to Jamaica’s economic prosperity. Jamaica welcomes the Spanish investors and is appreciative of the positive contribution they have been making to its national economic development. The recent creation of the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation is recognised as a signal of the social corporate responsibility of the investors to help in the development of the country.
Both Governments consider cooperation in culture and education as essential to the further strengthening of bilateral relations and wish to emphasise the teaching of Spanish language as a priority in the Jamaican education system and therefore will study future programmes of collaboration which will enhance the skills of the Jamaican people.
The Governments of Spain and Jamaica underscore their commitment to assisting in the strengthening of ties between the Caribbean Community – CARICOM and the countries of Latin America, with whom Spain has close links. Both applaud the possibility of closer relations between the General Secretariat of the Iberoamerican Community, headed by Mr. Enrique Iglesias, and the CARICOM Secretariat led by Mr. Edwin Carrington.

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