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Manager of Operations at the Transport Authority, Cecil Morgan, has reiterated the agency’s resolve to ensure that proper service and order are maintained in the public passenger transport system.
“We intend to make sure that persons comply with laid down rules, and we will be forthright with the mandate that has been given to us to bring order to the environment,” he emphasised.
Mr. Morgan was speaking at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and operators of public transportation in the parish, to improve discipline in the sector, at the Mandeville Hotel, on August 25.
He pointed out that much of the breaches that players in the industry have committed without being detected would no longer be possible, as technology is enabling the Authority to clamp down on those offenders.
“We are able to sit in our offices and see what is happening in specific locations, and we are committed to invest and make sure that this kind of monitoring capability is within our reach. We are building a database on persons who are in violation two to three times, where we can say to them that because of these, there is a cause for suspension or revocation of your licence,” Mr. Morgan said.
The manager said that with the Transport Authority stepping up its drive to clean up the system and have persons who are providing transport service to the public fully adhering to the rules on the road, misleading and inaccurate information has been given to the media regarding the motives behind the drive.
“It is about addressing the issue of law and order within the transport sector. We want to go into the various areas, and have dialogue with stakeholders and hear their concerns. And we have acted on a number of concerns raised by persons in terms of poor service in the sector. It is to reach out to the public, the operators, and stakeholders to have a better transport system,” Mr. Morgan argued.

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